Whole Food Nutrition

What happens when the chiropractic adjustment alone isn’t enough to alleviate the patient’s problem?  We must dig deeper and look for the secondary cause of a patient’s symptoms.  Many times that cause is due to stress on organs, toxicity, or nutritional deficiency.

Dr. Whitaker primarily uses whole food supplements from Standard Process.  Standard Process has been harvesting food used in supplements from their organic farm in Wisconsin since 1929.  Most over the counter supplements are synthetic and only contain pieces of food: the body cannot understand these substances.  Standard Process uses whole food and animal tissue extracts to create supplements the body can understand.  Very similar to organic food you would buy in a grocery store!

Our Most Popular Supplements

Bottle of Catalyn by Standard Precess


Catalyn is a multiple vitamin and trace mineral product made from natural whole food sources. It’s easily absorbed by the body because it contains living enzymes from food that are vacuum dried without heat. This supplement is perfect for patients who are subject to the Standard American Diet, which is mostly void of nutrients.

Bottle of Drenamin by Standard Precess


Drenamin has been a best seller for many years in our office because it helps patients deal with stress and fatigue. Drenamin promotes healthy adrenal gland function which increases energy, balances mood, increases immunity and assists the bodies response to stress.

Bottle of Zypan by Standard Precess


Food enzymes are necessary to break down food to utilize its nutrients. The Standard American Diet is mostly void of these enzymes which results in digestive issues. Standard Process offers many food enzymes to assist patients suffering from indigestion, heartburn, etc. Zypan is one of our most effective and basic enzymes. Other products may be utilized to assist a patient with digestive problems depending on the cause of their specific symptoms.

Bottle of ProSynbiotic by Standard Precess


Prosynbiotic is a probiotic designed to maintain a healthy gut environment. Your first defense is your gut. So it’s important to keep it populated with healthy bacteria. Patients who take prescription meds, suffer from digestive disturbances, and don’t regularly eat fermented foods may find prebiotics/probiotics useful in maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.

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