Pregnancy Care and Chiropractic

We know that pregnancy is rewarding, exciting, but sometimes has its share of discomfort and pain. Prenatal care through Chiropractic can help with some of the most common conditions our patients in North Kansas experience during pregnancy. As you continue to gain weight during pregnancy, you will find that there is more pressure in your feet, joints, and back which can result in even more pain and discomfort.

Northtown Chiropractic’s Chiropractor, Doctor Whitaker is certified in Webster Technique. Webster Technique is a specialized approach Chiropractors use during Pregnancy. Spinal misalignment during pregnancy can cause pain, difficult labor, and baby mal-presentation. Webster technique supports a more comfortable, safer, and easier birth through Chiropractic care. With a more gentle approach provided by your Chiropractor and our team of high qualified massage therapists, you will find yourself increasing blood-flow and enjoying a relaxing pregnancy.

Children's and Pediatric Care

Many spinal problems seen in adults started at birth. The youngest patient we’ve cared for and adjusted, to date, was only twenty hours old! I do not treat conditions or diseases in children, but simple adjustments can remove the nervous system interference that is commonly associated with misalignments in our backs. By realigning the vertebrae, we can allow the child’s body to work as intended. Chiropractic has been an effective treatment for many different conditions that North Kansas City children experience. Below you will find a list of the most common conditions that we see. If you’re in the surrounding areas of Northtown or Kansas City, call us or contact us to discuss how else we can help your family. 

Symptom We Address

  • Colic

  • Difficult labor

  • Reflux

  • Allergies

  • Digestive problems

  • Constipation

  • Low immunity

  • Scoliosis

  • ADHD

  • Sports injuries

  • Ear infections

  • Difficult labor

  • Asthma

  • Bed-wetting

  • Headaches

Do symptoms dictate your life? Why spend another day struggling with pain and fatigue?

If you are tired of opting out of life experiences because you feel bad, take control of your vitality today. It's easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it!

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